Masq Magazine explores Migration, Identity and Representation through art.  

Hi, we are Erika and Maya. We came together to create Masq based on our mutual frustration at the under-representation of poc and marginalised voices in mainstream media.

Masq is about creating a space in which such voices can be heard.

Migration is not just about the physical act of moving from A to B. Migration encompasses long histories, traumas, legacies and everyday experiences of being Othered. It ties in with things like gender identity and racialisation. 

 Our goal is to increase the representation of artists of colour, by showcasing projects and commentary from around the world on themes like identity, diaspora, decolonisation and belonging. 

For us, art is a powerful tool for people to shape their own stories. Sharing these stories allows them to reverberate back to others who may see themselves reflected, connected, perhaps even validated, through these narratives.

If you are an artist of colour and are interested in writing or contributing to Masq, we would be love to hear from you!