Playlist: Female Rappers from Latin America Helping Us Heal

Music has always been an integral aspect of social movements. Hip Hop is more than a counter-narrative, or a counter-culture, it is a global phenomenon with firmly planted roots in storytelling traditions, which are integral to the human experience. Currently in Latin America, Hip Hop has moved from the margins to the center of ongoing dialogues of resistance. Within the past five to ten years, the presence of female MCs has grown in every country. From Actitud Maria Marta (Argentina), Makiza (Chile), Alika (Argentina), Princesa (Argentina), Caye Cayejera (Ecuador), Danay Suarez (Cuba), Rebeca Lane (Guatemala), Hispana (Mexico), Chhoti Maa (Mexico-U.S.A.), to Rima Roja en Venus (Ecuador) and Mare Advertencia Lirika (Mexico), Latinas have been denouncing colonialism, machismo, capitalism, Euro-American imperialism, racism, sexism and all other systemic structures that continue to oppress the peoples of the continent.  In order to heal, deconstruct and collaboratively create new possibilities for human existence, we must overcome a history of imposed and internalized silence by echoing and reverberating new waves, coming from the serpent tongues of Latinas across the continent, in solidarity. 


Playlist curated by Vania, a MA student of Life Long Learning. Her interests include music, dance, and photography. Her hometown is Guanajuato, Mexico but as a migrant, she has called many places home. You can find her photography by clicking the button