Songs for Self-Love

Who better to celebrate Valentine's Day with than yourself? Show yourself some love while you listen these songs: 

It's My Brown Skin, by Helado Negro, a musician and visual artist from South Florida with an Ecuadorian background, is about a companion we carry and share space with all the time, our skin. This song is a great wake-up jam to start off your day right and will have you loving and appreciating your skin and what it does for you. 

Body Was Made, by queer Jewish American indie rocker Ezra Furman is a melodic, sparkly, eye-shadow laden ode to body autonomy. With playful hooks dressed out with plenty of brass, it's essentially a cheerful fuck you to anyone who tries to make you ashamed of your body or your identity. 

Nappy with slick designs/ Sexy and so scandalous/Natural super fly/Don’t touch or I’m gonna have to cut ya. Unconditionally loving your hair can be an emotional roller coaster at times. French Cameroonian sister-duo Les Nubians remind that natural locks derserve love with this danceable celebration of afros.

Soy Yo, by Colombian group Bomba Estéreo, has been an anthem of self-confidence since the video released in 2016. Not only are the lyrics inspirational, but what inspires the most is the girl who is the protagonist of the video. She shows off her dance moves, basketball skills and style with no doubt in her mind that she is fly. 

Tomboy, by Princess Nokia, a rapper from New York City with Puerto Rican and Taino ancestry, is the ultimate party song to start off your night that will have you singing 'with my little titties and my phat belly' and feeling good about your body all the while. 

MusicErika Del Cid