Tarot Series: Two of Cups

This tarot card series, by Nadia Nadesan, explores intimate worlds of womxn, the distance in between, and intimate spaces. Nadia began sketching this series as a way to explore the ways in which the women around her interpret their innate flexibility, intimacy, and hardships. 

Nadia lives in Madrid, enjoys Korean horror movies, writing, coffee made by other people, pickle rice, and, when possible, a room of her own.


The two of cups revolves around sharing, passionate connection, equilibrium, and lovers. Warmth on a winter’s day, this card explores the ways in which love and connection can be and are expressed. Unlike many cards which depict two lovers for the two of cups, this card is a woman with her laptop and two glasses of wine. Today many of us find ourselves pulled, taken, and swept to different places in the world, frequently away from the physical intimacies that make us whole. This card expresses the hope and desire we keep alive when we connect and reconnect with the partnerships and loves that give us life and balance.