An Alien On One's Own Planet by Kripa Joshi

Kripa Joshi is an Illustrator and comic artist from Nepal. After getting her degree in painting in India, she worked as an art teacher in Nepal for a couple of years before heading to New York to pursue an MFA in Illustration. It was during this time she started making comics and developed the character of Miss Moti, a plump, body positive heroine with a fertile imagination that frequently blurs the line between fantasy and reality. 

The illustration featured here was originally featured in the second volume of Secret Identities, an Asian American comics anthology that wanted to create Asian characters as main protagonists in narratives, rather than as side kicks or villains. "With this work, I wanted to play on the word 'alien' and how in America it is used to describe immigrants," Kripa explains. 

"After being caught in the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 and having survived that terrifying experience, I wanted to help the survivors who were less fortunate. So, a friend and I created the HOME Art Aid Anthology, donating the sales from the book to providing art therapy for children living in tented camps."

This year, Kripa has started a series of weekly illustrations entitled: Motivation Mondays.

For more, visit &, or follow Kripa's work on facebook, twitter and instagram: @kripakreations @missmoti. 


Maya Acharya