Victory by Xaviera Altena

Text by Masq Editorial

Today's post comes from Xaviera Altena, an illustrator and creative currently living in Rotterdam. Xaviera is influenced by modern- and 90's pop culture and and lately her work has been speaking to social issues such as feminism, race and gender.  

Today, on inauguration day, this image sums up the struggles and emotions that many are are going through - not just in America but across nations that are experiencing a rise in divisive rhetoric and troubling trends of racism, nationalism, violence and misogyny. 

Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again" begs the question, "According to who?"

Gender Equality has been a slow process in the U.S and a discriminatory one, giving right to some while refusing rights to others. Today, we should all try to be aware that calls for unity are just as important as supporting each other in movements we may not be part of.

You can find more of Xaviera's work at:, or on instagram @xavieraaltena

Maya Acharya