Frame by Frame: Clips of Black America's History

by Erika Del Cid

This week's 'Dirty Eraser' is a series of animated illustrations by David & Corrin, a husband and wife creative duo from Virginia, USA, that share compelling stories and milestones in African American history through their art. 

To create each animation, they start their process by first researching black Americans and their range of achievements and contributions to the U.S. Afterwards, they work together to illustrate and animate each story, considering tone, sound, voice, type, music and color, to help bring them to life.

Their short clips range in content and in style. The videos include artists, writers, performers, and community leaders, as well as events that have impacted the lives of black Americans, and by extension, all of America. Many of the videos include an audio of a quote from the person highlighted or a snippet of their work, whether it's music or poetry.

Although each video style is influenced by the person or event featured, they all share a calm, reflective, and pensive mood that takes the viewer out of the hustle and bustle of daily life to contemplate the contributions of black Americans. It's during these moments of contemplation that the viewer can begin to consider how several limitations on black Americans continue to persist as well as what those limitations look like in this current age. 

Check out their animation on Jean-Michael Basquiat below, and the rest of their animations at 

Erika Del Cid